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1.    Well water biological activity through the rainy season

2.    Genetic chromosome data-base compared to organism type/shape and phylogeny.

3.    Dinosaur Mapping Project. Dinosaur death global patterns. Patterns of extinction level event.

4.    Diatom reproduction optimized. What is the best environment and water conditions in diatoms reproduce best? How did we get such pure diatomaceous earth near Lompoc?

5.    Eel grass seed germination inhibitors. What prevents Eel grass seeds from germinating?

6.    Mouse fur color genetics. What environmental factors determine fur color?

7.    Fruit fly experiments

8.    Unique Protists in pond water investigations. What is their ecological niche? What do they feed on? How do they reproduce? How do they develop? Where are they found and during what seasons?

9.    Amoeba response to stimulus. Can you train an amoeba?

10. Paramecium response to stimulus. Can you train a paramecium?

11. Bee Hive studies. Where do they fly and how to track their flight patterns?

12. Cambrian death of sea creatures. What caused so many creatures to die and become fossils at the beginning of the Cambrian geological record?

13. Plant Oxygen production studies. In what conditions do plants produce the most oxygen? Different water conditions

14. Limestone. Can limestone be created in a laboratory from seawater?

15. Microorganisms in the soil and plant growth. Do microorganisms affect the growth rate of plants?

16. Seed germination studies. Environments that inhibit germination.

17. Seed germination success vs. amount of time in sea water. A Surtsey Island plant colonization model.

18. Plant dispersal mapping in the Burton Mesa.

19. Make a database of male & female coloration difference in several groups of vertebrate animals (birds, fish, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians). Which is more colorful male or female? Why?

20. West Nile occurrence mapping in Idaho & California.


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